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The Tiger is a Gentleman ~ Vivek R. Sinha

Lakshmy Raman reviews Leaves from a Wildlife Photographer's Diary welcoming the account of a wildlifer's experiences.
Publisher: Wildlife, Bangalore
Hard cover, Price: Rs. 395/-
Courtesy: Sanctuary Magazine

Vivek Sinha is one of India's most well travelled wildlifers and his book comes as a welcome account of his experiences. 'The Tiger is a Gentleman' is a random compilation of the author's varied encounters in the wilds of India.

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Like many of his ilk, the author's interest in wildlife began as a hunter, but this was soon superceded by his love for the wilderness. Accompanied by his wife Arati, Sinha has visited almost all the major parks and sanctuaries in India. The book starts with a chapter titled 'Charged by a tiger' and describes the author's only dangerous experience while photographing this striped predator. He emphatically adds, however, that tigers are always inclined to evade confrontation. The book encapsulates 160 pages of information that capture the drama of the Indian forest, jungle lore and reminiscences of experiences. The text is well supported with 102 colour photographs. Many of the photographs in the book tell a story on their own, as they trace particular events such as a predating tiger, or a leadership tussle between two tuskers. The book also records interesting behavioural studies of bears that came too close, wild elephants in Kaziranga and Corbett and a python regurgitating a deer.

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