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Andaman & Nicobar: Economy

The major industries include PVC conduit pipes and fittings, paints and varnishes, fibre glass, soft drinks and beverages and steel furniture.

Luxurious rainforests make the Andamans a gold mine for timber. Tropical fruits are found on the hilly parts of the islands in abundance, while the potential for fishery offers industrial possibilities. Paddy is the main cash crop here, while coconut and arecanut are the main cash crops of the Nicobar islands. Field crops, namely pulses, oilseeds and vegetables and spices like pepper, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon are also cultivated. Rubber, red oil, palm and cashew are grown on a limited scale on these islands. The major industries in the region include PVC conduit pipes and fittings, paints and varnishes, fibre glass, soft drinks and beverages and steel furniture.

The islands are covered by thick green jungles, dotted with sandy beaches on the fringes and inhabited by many unique species of birds The real attraction for the tourist lies in the crystal clear seas that harbour some of the world's richest and unspoilt marine reserves. This island is splendid with its golden, crescent - shaped beaches, mangrove forests, rich marine life, exotic flora and fauna. Filled with dazzling fish and kaleidoscopic corals, and roamed by schools of dolphins and sharks, the waters are perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

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From a tourist point these islands have immense potential. The clear waters and white sandy beaches make Andamans a perfect tropical paradise. The Andamans are surrounded by shallow coral reefs and a clear sea. It is an ideal location for a relaxed holiday. But there are many out of bound and protected areas. Indians have more freedom to explore the islands than foreigners who are not allowed to enter any of the Nicobar islands.

The Andamans have immense potential but they are not being tapped properly. The development has been insignificant but the population has increased alarmingly. There has been migration of the Tamils who were expelled from Sri Lanka. This tropical paradise though green at present will not remain the same for long due to the rapid clearing of forests in the name of development. The natural teak forests are being cleared for the rubber plantation. On the whole, the islands are good for tourism but not for long duration of stay.

Compiled by Puneet Sachdeva

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