" Trees are Earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven." ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Cruelty to Animals

Somit Doshi, a keen nature lover who is very concerned about protection of animals and the environment exolains what we can do to prevent cruelty to animals.

1) Laboratory Testing
The rabbit is subjected to cruel tests in the labs of multinationals. Its head is clamped in a hutch, its eyelids are pegged open to ensure its eyes remain open and a shampoo concentrate is dripped into its eyes. The sheer agony of it all has the helpless animal cry in pain, sometimes breaking its back with the violence of its struggle. Body care and pharmaceutical products are also tested on the raw shaven skin of the rabbit and the monkey.

  • Use products which are free from animal testing.

    2) Musk Deer Perfume
    Found in the Himalayas, the shy gentle musk deer is poached for its musk or Kasturi. The deer is caught in a trap when it unknowingly steps on it causing intense pain. The deer lies thus for days till the poacher comes around and kills it for its muskpod. It is then sold to make musk perfumes.

  • Use non animal scents.
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    musk deer3) Brushes
    The pig is caught and held underfoot, ignoring its plaintive, humanlike cries of pain, while its bristles are yanked out. All Indian wall painting brushes are made of these bristles.

  • Use hairbrushes, shaving brushes and toothbrushes with synthetic bristles.

    4) Butterfly Showpieces
    With a single swoop of the net, the fragile butterfly is caught and encased alive in acrylic to be mummified for eternity. Frivolous items like paperweights, brooches, jewellery and showpieces are made from lives of these butterflies.

  • Surely one can find alternative showpieces.

    5) Leather
    Leather, the skin of the once living animal, be it a cow, buffalo, goat, Snake or crocodile is definitely not the by-product of a slaughter house as many may assume. Animals are killed to make leather items like footwear, handbags, jackets, belts, wallets, upholstery.

  • Do not purchase leather products. Leather look-alike products made from synthetic material is a cheap and identical looking alternative.

    6) Silk Products
    Silk worm breeding is done only to murder thousands of cocoons to make silk threads which in turn make fashion fabrics.

  • Use synthetic silk

    7) Zoos
    An animal or bird in the wild represents freedom and joy. To take away their freedom and sentence them for life imprisonment in small and unnatural confinement for viewing pleasure is downright cruel.

  • Do not support Zoos and aquariums

    8) Circus
    A sheer mockery of the magnificence of animals like the lion or the elephant. Made to do stupid acts to thrill ignorant people, these animals undergo starvation and beatings before they learn to perform an act.

  • Do not visit the circus.
  • Birds and Animals - have the same emotions like us
        - have the same families like ours
        - feel pain and joy like we do.
  • Your awareness can support life as precious as ours.

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