"Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it " ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Mailbag on Adventure Activities
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Scuba Diving

* I just discovered this interesting site. Have always wanted to dive but have waited for the right information.

Sunil Raman

* It's like landing on another planet,
Suspended in crystal fluid, enchanted.
Magic wands wave in a watery breeze,
Currents tugging in a gentle tease.
A fantastic shape glides regally by,
Green-tinted light, easy to see by.
In latest fashion has nature dressed her
Her world I share, my living ancestor.

Scuba Groover
Kenneth Hoffman, U.S.A.

* Poor Viz.; the water's not supposed to be this cold. Did I really volunteer to do this? It's surf grass not Zostera, why are we here?!
2 mil wetsuit and 7 C water, one minute longer and I swear my jaw will lock down and I will bite off these studs. Get distracted... sooner or later I won't feel this anymore. Go numb...what is heat? What is warmth? This is life. Go numb... look at the beauty. Look at the beauty. beauty. pushing in. No warmth. no cold. just now.

Editor's Reply:

Dear Vilaiwan, Thanks for your feedback. Admittedly, I am not much wiser about what inspired the chain of thought. Are you a scuba diver?

Romola Butalia

I'm sorry about that little blurb. I do things without thinking a lot. Yes, I am a scuba diver though what I wrote about was a snorkelling experience in an area called Barkley Sound on the west coast of Canada while working on mapping eelgrass. For the time being I don't live in India (*sighs*) so all my "travels", if you will, are not Indian.
Take care,

* I read Arti Kirloskar's article about Scuba Diving. It was very thrilling, challenging and adventurous.

Harish, India

* I saw an article about Scuba Diving in Kadmat, one of the 30 islands of Lakshwadeep, written by Arti Kirloskar of Pune, in India Travelogue. I am a resident of Kerala and I intend to participate during my next vacation.

Kutty Narayan
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


* Indiatravelogue is of the finest sites on India. Being an avid trekker with decent experince in rock climbing, it was really interesting to read Somit Doshi's article on Ascent Of Balasari about climbing the Balasari rock face. Somehow it fits in with my belief about what climbing is all about.

Anoop M, Mumbai

* I found the essay The Mountains Beckon very moving, in a true metaphysical sense. I felt myself transported to Somit's shoes and recognise every feeling he talks about. A very well written piece and my heartiest congratulations to Somit. He has reached so close to finding absolute joy and peace of mind, his experiences are almost Nirvanic, even to me, despite this great distance (both physically, mentally and spiritually).

Rajeev Ganesh, Sydney, Australia

* Read The Mountains Beckon by Somit Doshi. It reverberated the cords of my old mountain memories. Fascinating. Thanks for such a beautiful piece.

Vipin Gaindhar, Australia


* The article Circus in the Sky is very nice and sportive. For people like me who do not get a chance to get away from home and enjoy these fantastic experiences, it gives much pleasure. Articles like this make one feel the sport running in one's blood.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks & regards,
Aju John

* Hello!
I read the article Circus in the Sky by Astrid Rao. As I live in Pune I was highly excited by this article, because it showed me the possibility of paragliding in Kamshet. It was fun reading that. I want to know more about paragliding in Kamshet. It was great reading that article.

Vishal Sharma, Pune


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