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General Mailbag - 1
India through your eyes. Your feedback of places and people, of a time and a space. Click HERE to send feedback.

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Few sites on the internet are worth mentioning and your site is the torch bearer. Wonderful job.

Dayakar Reddy, Vancouver, Canada

I think the site is extremely well designed and has much to contribute to the joy of a tired business executive. Suggestions of activities and advice on tourist destinations has made life much easier for those seeking to explore India to the fullest. Lots of luck to all you people out there. Keep the show going for all of us out here.

Soumya Choudhury,India

Was checking out your fascinating site. Am verrry impressed. Have sent this link to a few of my friends abroad who love to travel to India. Have added it to my favourites. Keep on with the good work

An impressed browser,

Anand Mahindra

Dear Ms. Butalia,

I visited your portal and found it very informative and content-rich...
Its home page gives a slightly 'crowded' feel though... Apart from the info, your travelogues convey the spirit of the place one is interested in...
I was amazed to see that you write on film personalities with equal ease...
It seems 'Life' keeps calling you from all its plains , heights and valleys and you keep visiting it with your characteristic vigour and openness...
Happy travelling , madam.!!

Datta Dandge,
Pune, India


Thanks for your great site! As an Indophile, I can never get enough on this highly detailed part of the world. I like to see something new each time I visit, and you've given me some great ideas. Thanks so much.

Leonard J Moore

I was just surfing on the Net, when I chanced upon the site. I must congratulate you for compiling so much information about this wonderful country of ours. I do hope that you will provide more information about the North East of India, which is to a large extent, unexplored. This region offers a host of flora, fauna,a variety of physical features and a rich culture. We should focus on the exploration and preservation of fragile regions and environments, like the N.E. of India.

Name: Pragya
Country: India

Its overall a very cooooool site.....its the best :-)

Meetu Oberoi

Your page is EXCELLENT. Some of the Impressions I read in it almost brought tears to my eyes, when I remembered my visit to the places. There was a tingle in my spine. How do you get such articles? Who contributes them? Can I contribute something?

Suyash Sinha, India

Editor's note: Suyash Sinha's entry Impressions on Chennai for contest no 1 has won the first prize.

As an NRI scientist from Kerala, who has travelled extensively in five continents and in over 15 major cities, (I am the author of 11 travelogue books in Malayalam language!), I found your site extremely interesting. I am sure that the travel-buffs will relish every bit(byte) of information provided therein. Keep it up, and Thanks a lot indeed.

Dr.Nandakumar Moorkath

Enjoyed reading India Travelogue. Please keep it up. Miss India very much. You people are bringing back all the fond memories. Thank you.

Nilesh Parikh

Hi Romola, Thank you very very much for the useful information you categorize. Your composition is very captivating too. Hopefully, we will get a chance in the very near future to check out these wonderful places. I had travelled extensively when I was a kid so the majestic impressions of our mighty Himalayas is etched in my mind. I have created a folder dedicated exclusively to all the travel information that we are going to consult while planning our next trip to India.

Nandini Mitra Banerjee

The articles on Sikkim and the complete editorial is too good. I am greatly fascinated by the place and intend to go there.

Ganga Krishnan, India

Hello, This is great site- I was very happy to find it specially since I had been looking for something like this for a while. My parents and I lived in Saharanpur while I was growing up and I went on a number of hikes around Dehra Dun, Mussorie and the sourrounding area- it was very beautiful- and I have very fond memories of it- although on my last visit to that region, a few years ago, I was unhappy to see how much forest had been cut down and the reforestation that has happened is not quiet the same.

Pushpa Tandon, USA

Hello there Just wanted to compliment you on your wonderful website. The pictures are great, the articles are excellent and I am definitely going to recommend it to my friends.

Lakshmi Kattepur, USA

It is an impressive site, and my hearty congratulations to its developers.

Swaminathan Mahalingam, USA

Shivaji Apte

Hi, I happened to visit your website today and was very excited. Its an excellent site and I was especially attracted by the Lakshadweep pages. Congratulations.

Dear Sir/Madam,
First of all accept my many congratulations on promoting tourism in the interior part of India. I read your article on Sravanabelagola, Karnataka. This place is only 100kms away from Mysore and I had been to Mysore twice, but did not know about it. When I go to Mysore next, I will definitely make it to Hassan, Belur and Halebid along with Sravanabelagola.

I clearly believe that there is no point in promoting tourism in developed areas like Agra,Udaipur,Goa,Mysore,Manali,Ooty etc.Because these are already known to everyone around the globe. Therefore we must focus on exotic and beautiful locations from other part of India. I belong to Orissa and there the tourism department always does something to promote tourism in Puri, Bhubaneswar, Konark, Chilica ignoring hundreds of beautiful places. I am requesting you to provide something about Orissa also. This will give a big boost to tourism in India.

After reading the articles about India, we who are staying miles away from our motherland get enormous pleasure and feel as if we are quite close to our near and dear ones. Keep doing the good work you are doing. All the very best.

With regards
Suraj Kumar Behera,

Factfile: Karnataka


Suggestions/comments: Congratulations, you have designed an interesting site that was obviously well thought out. It provides the necessary content to give the viewer an excellent picture of what India really has to offer. I hope to visit someday.

Howard Friedman, USA

Congratulations on a Fabulous Job. Well done. This site contains all the info we needed about a particular place.

Vinit Tare, New Delhi, India

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