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General Mailbag - 2
India through your eyes. Your feedback of places and people, of a time and a space. Click HERE to send feedback.

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I am a student of physics at IIT Kanpur. This is a very versatile and interesting website. It literally brings the whole of India to our fingertips. I was astonished to find the large amount of well compiled information about India. It is indeed a remarkable achievement.

Shiladitya Chakraborty

Hello there,

I N D I A T R A V E L O G U E fascinates me because it is so informative and the articles are written so well.

Girish Dharmapurikar

I am from Karnataka. I see that you have done a great job about places in Karnataka. We have a world Kannada conference coming up in Houston, Texas. Would you please allow me to provide links to your site from my site which is Kannadaonline.com? I would really appreciate it. Many Kannadigas living outside Karnataka will enjoy your site. It will also help our children know a little bit more about our land and it's rich culture.


Vatsa Kumar

Congrats! Good layout and informative. Keep it up.

K.Murali, United Kingdom

Dear Romola,

Congratulations for putting up such a wonderful site! I have been reading your articles and responses and am amazed at your in-depth study of the places you have visited.

Mallika Ganesan

Hi. I am visiting your site for the first time. I am really very impressed with it.

Neha Parekh

I must congratulate you on the excellent website that you have set up. One wishes more such attempts were made to portray India's natural and cultural wealth and beauty to the world.

Yours sincerely,
P Nikhilesh

I have been absolutely enchanted by the immense variety of extremely useful and attractive information on all aspects of travelling in India. Something I have been head-over-heels in love with for the past twenty years. Please keep it up. I only wish I could spare more time to surf thru' all your beautiful offerings within the constraints of work and painfully slow access speeds over the Calcutta Telephone PSTN lines. I would like to convey my best wishes to your team. I LOVE MY INDIA, and it seems that so do you.

With best regards,
Shivaji Dutta


I was searching for a site about Shivaji Maharaj and eventually I found this one. It was a pleasure to go through your site and read about Panhala and Ganapatipule, specially about Konkan. Even though I am from Bombay, I belong to Ratnagiri. I would like to see some more information along with photographs of Shivaji's forts as it will give immense pleasure to people who really miss Maharashtra.

Prasanna Ghanekar, USA

Factfile: Maharashtra

Thanks for the excellent articles on the Ocean. These kind of commentaries are very helpful and enriching. They further make India Travelogue very valuable and fun to read. Hope you will satisfy our continued thirst for knowledge.
Thank you.

Amit Roy
Boston, Massachusetts.

It is a wonderful experience to visit your site and find so much about travel destinations in India. I would also suggest that along with major well-known tourist destinations, please also cover unknown and virgin places, and places of historical significance, to open new avenues for seasoned tourists.

Akshay Nagoree, India


Dear Romola,

I just read your articles, they are indeed marvellous. As your write up mentions your passion for travel and adventure, I'm really glad to finally know of someone who feels the same as I do for India. Since India is a vast country, it is certainly a 'Herculean' task for any individual to encompass it, to discover it. I look forward to more insights on off beat paths or unknown destinations.

Lochan Kothari, India

This is a truly interesting site. I wonder if it is possible to provide maps too the map of each state along with a description of that state.

Diwakar Menon, India

I viewed the site....its good work ! Simple and neatly designed. Your write ups are quality work. Maybe you could provide more pictures? Your first hand account of Gangotri & Pindari was very interesting. But I think the site is too 'serious' - its layout and language. My mom liked the site...she read about scuba diving with a lot of interest and I think I know where she is planning her next trip. I liked the snapshot of people hanging out from the local train under the 'Mumbai section' Reminded me of chickens stacked together in a poultry farm ! Looking at that I dont mind living in the mountains with a sunburnt nose all my life.

Somit, Mumbai,India

You have done a wonderful job of bringing out some of the subtleties of India. My last couple of trips to India have given me a tremendous insight into the diversity of this country. So much so, that I have decided to spend my next vacations travelling within India. Being Indian, and having missed out 99% of this vast country is a shame! But I would love to see readers/travelers share their experiences through your site. I would be more than happy to volunteer my time and effort in any manner in bringing about a positive change to tourism in India. Thanks and do keep up the good efforts.

Sriram Ramakrishnan, USA/Netherlands


The travel experiences, apart from being informative, make great reading. Keep it up!!

Anupama Venkataraman, USA

Not only is it a suberbly constructed site but also one which has excellent content as well. I have not been to India (except in transit) but have, like many people, been fascinated by the possibility. Spending time this afternoon on your Virtual tour I am even more enthusiaistic about visiting.

Steven D. Mather, Australia Australia


Well, what can one say of such a lovely site where one can actually drift into a place without physically visiting it. I had been to Sikkim and Darjeeling in March and the entire trip was relived by me through this site ..it made me feel really nostalgic. That an Indian site can be so good ... hats off guys for this great effort. Sites like lonely planet are also there, but they do not describe places in such detail.

Shiva Prasad Bebarta, India

1. Excellent site on the net.
2. Family and I are visiting India after
10 years in about three weeks.
3. Found the information and the links
provided very useful.
4. Keep up the good work!

Raktim "Tim" S. Nath, USA

I am presently in the USA - Texas, Dallas. I came to USA 6 months back. I always have been and always will be a very proud INDIAN. Seeing this site I am too Elated for words. Although I have stayed in India for more than 28 years, I still have not visited most of India. I am surely going to come back to India in 5 - 6 years (Take my word for it) and visit all the most Beautiful places and the most beautiful people in the world.

Shrikant P. Iyengar, USA/India


Just checked out your site and was most impressed. I am only a virtual traveller at the moment - but looking at your site has made me itch more than ever to buy my ticket to India! Goa here I come!

Karen McLoughlin,Australia

Suggestions/comments: It's a great site for everyone who wants to find "In and Out of India" ! I am pleased to browse this site. Thank you and keep up the good work,

Pramod Kumar Dash, India

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