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Mailbag on Travelogues - 2
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* Romola,
Your article on Mumbai made my day. Being a die-hard Mumbaiite, I loved each and every phrase and adjective you have used. And I agree with all you have written.

Sharad Gadadare, Dallas, TX, USA

* Hi Amar,

I must appreciate the simplicity with which you have sincerely tried to describe the past glory of Hampi in Vijayanagar Wanderings. I was very happy to read what you have written. I visited Hampi in Aug '97 though I am a native of Bangalore.

I got this desire to visit it only after I met a German tourist who exclaimed that Hampi is her favourite and most cherished spot in India, and that she had visited Hampi 3 times and would still want to if she gets the chance.

I could hardly imagine the life, wealth and grandeur of Krishnadeva raya until I saw those magnificent places. I only hope that the govt takes more initiative to preserve what is left of this great empire. I was personally grieved when I found people pissing and spitting in the sanctum sanitorium of the many temples not in use now.

Rama Krishna

* The article written by Manjula Rao is an excellent piece of work depicting the apprehensions of people new to commuting in Mumbai. Minor things which tend to irritate us no longer seem relevant after a period of time. Commuting by Mumbai trains definitely increases one's level of tolerance and also is a test of patience. I feel you start looking at things in a lighter vein as Manjula did. Unless you do so you cannot enjoy travelling in such a tense and chaotic atmosphere. The article has rightly brought about scenes from a typical ladies compartment.Finally I would like to say that unless you have a cool head backed by a good sense of humour you cannot sail through the ocean of Mumbai locals.

Rajyalakshmi, Mumbai, India


* Hi Shyamala,

Read your fantastic article on The Island of Suns - Andamans. I had been trying to find information on the Andaman Islands, but was unable to do so and finally I have some on hand. I'm planning to visit Andamans.

Thanks and regards,

* Having stumbled across your website, I was fascinated to discover the rich cultural heritage and diversity of India through the vivid descriptions of your contributors. Indeed, reading the article on the Andamans by Shyamala Gomathinayagam, I am reminded of my own trip there last year. I lived in Port Blair in 1964-66 when my father was the Station Director of the AIR. My visit after 34 years had not dimmed my memory of those islands (I could even direct the taxi to the house I had lived in!!). Your website has encouraged me to plan further excitng trips to India. One I am currently thinking of is to Sikkim, based on the articles read at this site. Keep up the good work!!

David Balasundaram, USA

* Thank you for the article, This Paradise Must Never Die by Vaijayanthi Sujanani! Excellent. Extremely realistic and touching. I am sure it will contribute to making a few more people aware of the grim situation regarding nature and ecology.

Sunil Bhagwat

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* Hi Romola,

I really enjoyed your articles about impressions of Lucknow and Calcutta The descriptions are really nice and I found the two particularly heart warming since I was born in Lucknow and raised mostly in Calcutta.

Naveen Ashish

* Excellent article: Indian's Odyssey across the US by Y. Radhika. This has sure inspired me to take the coast to coast discovery trip. I have been to some of the places the author mentions and it brought back some good memories.


Dipankar Ray, Phoenix, AZ

* Having tried out some of the "surfing sites" of this wonderful virtual world, I find India Travelogue not only one of the most sympathetic websites on India, but also - at last - a place where good taste is supreme. Where else can you find people who share your amazement at the most beautiful Sun Temple in Modhera or enjoy Ahmedabad with its superb collection of Islamic architecture, instead of just complaining about the traffic jams?
It already made me regret not visiting Pandua (West Bengal) while I was in Calcutta. I'm sure I will return to this site to get new inspiration when I plan to visit India again.
So, please try to keep this site alive and kicking!

Ton Janusch, Netherlands

* Your article Bollywood: Dream Capital of the World by Manohar V. Rakhe is excellent. As a Bombayite now settled in the US, I read each and every sentence with pride, sometimes tears rolling down my eyes. My 27 years in Bombay brought out indelible memories and nostalgic ones, too. Many thanks to Manohar Rakhe for this wonderful article on Bombay. "Amchi Mumbai, Sarvanchi Mumbai".

Mahesh Bhanumurthy, U.S.A.

* I am very pleased to read Sumanta Roy Chowdhury's article on Puri, Orissa. Keep publishing such great articles, which will bring awareness among the people in India and abroad about the hidden beauty of the eastern part of our country.
Shankar Baral

* I liked your articles about Mumbai, living here for the past 23 years. I belong to the Himalayas where my town is air conditioned and the people are friendly. But the charm of Mumbai is something more than just making money. Here the people are also very tolerant, not seen anywhere else in the east or west that I have visited.
Subimal Sen

* Comments:
Norwegian New Year: Thanks for Sharing! Nice hints and links (Transformation Game, Art of Travel)
Indonesia, Working Abroad: Very nice and sweet twist at the end, about what the irritants might or might not be.
Kind Regards,
Georg Naggies

* I read the article Lakshadweep: Islands of Adventure by Manuel Fernandes. It was really a good tourist note and I enjoyed reading it.
However, may I point out a small mistake in that article which says Kavaratti is the largest Island ? This I think is not true as by area wise, Minicoy is the largest (may be Androth also), and Kadmat is the longest. Yes, Kavaratti is the capital of-course.
I thought of writing this because I was born in Minicoy and brought up in Kavaratti and Adroth Islands.
Many thanks to Manual Fernandes for writing such a beautiful article about Lakshadweep on the web.
Best regards,

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