river rafting

Rafting: River Runners Pilgrimage – Rafting in Ganga

29/09/2018 Vaibahv Kala 0

Rafting is about nervous anticipation…heart stopping build-ups…meeting the challenge…the thrill of the rapids…the solitude of the calms…sights seen…..experiences shared…..knowledge gained…campfire tales…new found friends. All of it sums up a trip […]


Trekking: Dashaur Lake

28/09/2018 Harpreet Dhillon 0

The tea is sweet. The warm slurps melt down my throat providing much needed warmth inside. Vikram and Awnish are lost in their own thoughts. I am thinking about nothing…perhaps […]

Delhi walk

Delhi: Beyond the Seven Cities

27/09/2018 admin 0

Delhi, one of India’s fastest growing cities, has spread far beyond the “seven cities” created between the 13th and the 17th centuries. It has sprawled over the west bank of […]


Khajuraho: Erotic Art

24/09/2018 Ashish Kaul 0

It is only a small matter of perspective. Those who visit Khajuraho temples wonder about the sexual motifs. Then there are those who have visited Konarak, Bhubaneswar and other lesser […]

Sri Ganesh

Pilgrimage to Lord Ganesh in Ireland

23/09/2018 Manohar Rakhe 0

Manohar V. Rakhe, an NRI form London, visits Vicoria’s Way, in a small village called Roundwood in county Wicklow, southeast of Dublin, Ireland. A Maharashtrian by birth who has always […]