awareness and mindfulness

Awareness is the Key

16/11/2020 Rajiv Butalia 0

Awareness must be cultivated. No amount of discussion, reading, sitting in meditation or prayers will enlighten us. The traveller on the journey needs to walk with one-pointedness, mindfulness, ceaseless determination, […]


Practice: Tat Twam Asi

09/11/2020 Michael Bartura 0

My practice is to remember and acknowledge ‘Tat Tvam Asi’. We are all here as expressions of the boundless.  Me and Mine Spending time with those dedicated to exploring and […]

consciousness stones to Spirit

Consciousness Impulse

13/09/2020 Rajiv Butalia 1

Consciousness impulse drives evolution “The very stones cry out and raise themselves to Spirit “. Georg Hegel, the German philosopher. Intriguing?  it folows that the consciousness impulse drives evolution. Consider […]