Kumbha March of Time

Notes from the Kumbh – Vignettes

30/11/2018 Raman Nanda 0

Kumbh Prayagraj: The city prepares for the Ardhkumbha beginning in January 2019. Journalist Raman Nanda’s recollections of the Mahakumbha in 2001, are shared here. The Kumbh is an experience. Shared […]


Akhadas of Sadhu Sannyasins at Kumbh

24/11/2018 Romola Butalia 0

The Kumbh Mela area is broadly separated according to the various Sannyas or Shaiva akhadas and Vairagi/Sadhu or Vaishnav Akhadas as well as other Sampradayas. At Prayagraj, there is also […]


Kumbha: Significance & Facts, Culture & Colour

02/11/2018 Romola Butalia 0

Romola Butalia writes about the history, significance, culture and colour of the Kumbha, the largest spiritual congregation on earth. The Kumbha Festivals are the largest gathering of humanity on Earth. […]

Colours of the Kumbha

The Kumbh : Is it a Transformative Experience?

25/10/2018 Raman Nanda 0

Raman Nanda freelance print, radio, television and internet journalist writes a series on his impressions of the Kumbh. Millions of people are making their way to the banks of Ganga […]

Kumbha elephant

Kumbh images – Kaleidoscope of Colour

24/10/2018 Alok Johri 0

Kumbh Images: The Kumbh is the largest gathering of humanity on Earth. The Kumbh speaks of an ancient living tradition, of time-honoured rituals, of a cultural heritage that lives and […]