Sacred Forest river

Sacred Forest

07/10/2020 Debal Sen 0

The little boy lived in the high mountains. An undulating green pasture served as the ledge on which the little hamlet nestled. Precipitous trails from the village arrowed down to […]

Redbreast Papilio alcmenor

Redbreast Butterfly after 110 years in Uttarakhand

14/10/2020 Rajiv Butalia 1

The Redbreast (Papilio Alcmenor) has been spotted in the Western Himalayas after a period of 110 years. Since butterflies reflect the health of an ecosystem, the reappearance of a butterfly […]

Mehrauli arch under tree

Mehrauli: Herein Lies a King

05/10/2020 Nassif Muhammed Ali 0

Mehrauli Mehrauli has always been around the corner from where I have lived these past seven years. Despite this, beyond visiting the Qutub Minar time and again, seeking solace at […]

sikkim iris

Sikkim: an introduction

15/09/2020 Romola Butalia 0

Sikkim: an overview Wrapped in mists and clouds. A garden state with an incredible variety of orchids, rhododendrons, gladioli and a host of other flowers. Tumbling streams and torrents. Mountain […]

Durga Devi

Navaratri: Nine Nights of Devi

14/09/2020 Romola Butalia 1

Navaratri is from 17th to 25th October 2020 Prathamam Shailaputri ca dvitiyam brahmacharini |Tritiyam chandra ghanteti kusmandeti chaturhakam || Panchamam skandamaateti shashtam katyayaniti ca |Saptamam kalaratriti mahagauriti chastamam || Navamam […]

consciousness stones to Spirit

Consciousness Impulse

13/09/2020 Rajiv Butalia 0

Consciousness impulse drives evolution “The very stones cry out and raise themselves to Spirit “. Georg Hegel, the German philosopher. Intriguing?  it folows that the consciousness impulse drives evolution. Consider […]

Guru Purnima – Festival & Spiritual Significance

12/07/2019 Romola Butalia 0

“Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gurudeva Maheshwara Guru Sakshat Para Brahman Tasmay Sri Guruve Namah” The Guru is the Eternal Supreme Being We offer our salutations to the Guru The full […]