Sri Babaji: Immortal Yogi of the Himalaya

Sri Babaji book
  • Author: Romola Butalia
  • Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishing House
  • ISBN Hardcover: 9789393214478, 9393214476ISBN
  • Paperback: 9789393214751, 9393214751
  • Year of Publication: 2023 2nd revised edition
  • No. of Pages: 206 No of photos: 20 Language: English

This book has been written as a broad-based search. The introduction by Himalayan yogi, Sri Gorakh Babaji says, “The writer, Romola Butalia, given the name of Sriji at the Kumbha in Ujjain, has made incalculable effort through varied and often difficult terrain, visiting many ancient sacred temples, teerth sthans or places of pilgrimage and tapasya sthals where tapasya or austerities have been performed. It is written from anubhuti or experience, with bhav or devotion and from the heart, while still remaining an analytical study.” 

Sri Babaji Immortal Yogi of the Himalaya

About the Book

Does Sri Gorakshanath’s shakti manifest through different human forms? Is this Lord Shiva’s manifestation? Is Mahavatar Baba the manifestation of the collective divinity of Himalayan saints and siddhas? Did Ashwasthama of the Mahabharat manifest through Hairakhan Babaji? Has Hairakhan Babataken birth in human form? Or entered the body of any yogi through shakti diksha or kaya pravesh? Has this divine personality taken different forms while remaining immersedin samadhi and maintaining a singular identity? What do the saints of the Himalayas have to say about this? What is the current thought and acceptance in yogic and philosophical terms?

“To answer these questions, I undertook an indefinable journey the journey of life. I visited innumerable sacred places, met many great saints and sages, both known and unknown. We can join the dots in retrospect, but looking ahead, the future remains unknown until we have realised that the future itself is in the past”.

About the Author

ROMOLA BUTALIA did her Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. As a media person she worked in print, visual media and digital media. She is the Editor of India Travelogue, a website created by her in 1997. She is co-founder of Save Kumaon, which supports initiatives to preserve, protect, foster and rejuvenate the natural ecology, traditions, culture and spiritual heritage of the Kumaon Himalaya.

She spent many years in sadhana or spiritual practice, bhraman or wandering, swadhyaya or Introspective study and anushthan or prescribed ceremony. As a practitioner in the traditions of the Himalayan yogis, she is known as Sriji. The search for wisdom and joy led to a continuing tryst with the Himalaya. Since 2012, she lives a reclusive life in the Uttarakhand Himalaya.

Excerpt from the Book


“Siddhashram is the fulcrum, it possibly holds the key to subsequent events. The days spent there were in an entirely different realm of timelessness, of perfection, of infinite possibilities. I began writing this book without planning it”.

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