Sri Babaji: Immortal Yogi of the Himalayas

Sri Babaji

Author: Romola Butalia
First Edition: 2007 (out of print)
Publisher: Vasudeva Kutumbakam 
Chief Distributor: Motilal Banarsidass
Paperback: Rs. 295/   ISBN: 978-81-208-3257-2
Pp: 188 pages + 12 pages colour photographs

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This book has been written as a broad-based search. The introduction by Himalayan yogi, Sri Gorakh Babaji says, “The writer, Romola Butalia, given the name of Sriji at the Kumbha in Ujjain, has made incalculable effort through varied and often difficult terrain, visiting many ancient sacred temples, teerth sthans or places of pilgrimage and tapasya sthals where tapasya or austerities have been performed. It is written from anubhuti or experience, with bhav or devotion and from the heart, while still remaining an analytical study.” 

About the Book

Does Sri Gorakshanath’s shakti manifest through different human forms? Is this Lord Shiva’s manifestation? Is Mahavatar Baba the manifestation of the collective divinity of Himalayan saints and siddhas? Did Ashwasthama of the Mahabharat manifest through Hairakhan Babaji? Has Hairakhan Babaji taken birth in human form? Or entered the body of any yogi through parakaya pravesh ? Has this divine personality taken different forms while remaining immersed in samadhi and maintaining a singular identity? What do the saints of the Himalayas have to say about this? What is the current thought and acceptance of this in yogic and philosophical terms?

To answer these questions, the writer undertook an indefinable journey – the journey of life. Visiting innumerable sacred places, meeting many great saints and sages, both known and unknown, this book was written based in the tapasya-sthals of Kumaon, Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Excerpt from the Book

Siddhashram is the fulcrum, it possibly holds the key to subsequent events. The days spent there were in an entirely different realm of timelessness, of perfection, of infinite possibilities. I began writing this book without planning it. I had intended to write about several Himalayan saints. I was already researching for a book, tentatively titled, Shiva Darshan and Kailash Prakaran. As I wrote, I realised this book was about Hairakhandi Babaji. I also realised that I was going on a pilgrimage to many different places with which he had been associated. Sri Gorakh Babaji said in passing, without a reference, “Iske rahasya bahut gehre hain.” The mystery of this is very deep. I agreed with him, aware then of what exactly it meant. Later, on the train from Lal Kuan to Mathura to visit Vrindavan, deeply aware that I was returning slowly to worldly spaces, I asked him what his statement had meant. Did I need the comfort of words to secure what I already knew? He laughed and said, “That floppy will not open here. It is connected with Siddhashram.”

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