Romola Butalia Book – In The Presence of the Masters

Romola Butalia book In the Presence of the Masters

ISBN Paperback: 9789393214904, 9393214905 ₹ 350.00

ISBN Hardcover: 9789393214836, 9393214832 ₹ 650.00

Year of Publication: 2022 Edition: 2nd Revised No. of Pages: 135 Language: English

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishing House

Romola Butalia Book

Romola Butalia’s book, In the Presence of the Masters is an account of meetings with Himalayan masters. It traverses the spiritual path and practices that have been transmitted through untold ages. A spiritual journey, a narration of circumstance and events that took the writer  ‘home’ on an uncharted path.

Through a search for meaning in life, seeking to fulfil the purpose of one’s life, reputed journalist, Romola Butalia finds herself on a spiritual search through coincidental meetings with many saints and sages.

Questioning the quest itself, focused on the words of wisdom received, the author is inevitably led to the myths and legends about many great masters, and tries to unravel the mysteries that present themselves through life itself. The answers lie in the very questions themselves. The future unfolds according to the past and the journey of life continues. 

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About the Author

ROMOLA BUTALIA did her Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. As a media person she worked in print, visual media and digital media. India Travelogue is a website initially created  by her in  1997, and she continues to be the Editor. She is co-founder of Save Kumaon, which supports initiatives to Preserve, protect foster and rejuvenate the natural ecology, traditions, culture and spiritual heritage of the Kumaon Himalaya.

She has written two books : In the Presence of the Masters and Sri Babaji Immortal Yogi of the Himalaya. She spent many years in sadhana or spiritual practice, bhraman or wandering, swadhyaya or Introspective study and anushthan or prescribed ceremony.  As a practitioner in the traditions of the Himalayan yogis, she is known as Sriji. The search for wisdom and joy led to a continuing tryst with the Himalaya.  Since 2012, she lives a reclusive life in the Uttarakhand Himalaya.

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