Black & White Photography: Images in black and white

Path in the forest

Harold Baquet said about Black & White photography :  “Sometimes, just light, line and form is enough. It allows you to explore the sculptural qualities of that third dimension, that illusional dimension of depth. And it’s fun.”

At the advent,  Black and White photography was the only option.  Thereafter, colour photography became popular and gained dominance in the 1970’s. But even today, five decades later,   Black & White photography is still the medium  of choice for many.  And is considered an art form. It is the purest form of photography.  It seems to be the appropriate medium for a minimalistic approach where “less is more”.  Moreover, quite often, colour distracts from the actual subject.  Many of those who love to shoot in Black and White say that colour gives the eye too much to take in. Therefore, the essence of the picture is lost. Black and white photography helps us to focus on what the photographer continues to hold in his mind’s eye long after the shot is taken.


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