consciousness stones to Spirit

Consciousness Impulse

13/09/2020 Rajiv Butalia 0

Consciousness impulse drives evolution “The very stones cry out and raise themselves to Spirit “. Georg Hegel, the German philosopher. Intriguing?  it folows that the consciousness impulse drives evolution. Consider […]

Awareness - Sunset in Himalayas

Mindfulness – The Path of Awareness

21/11/2018 Rajiv Butalia 0

Discussion, reading, meditation, prayers will not enlighten us. The traveller on the journey needs to walk with one-pointedness, mindfulness and ceaseless determination. The rest is Grace. There are as many […]

Ladakh Alchi Shopping

Ladakh images- Landscapes Mountains Monasteries

19/11/2018 Rajiv Butalia 0

Images of Ladakh Ladakh creates images of light and shadow. And of stark remote barren icelands. Additionally, a sense of adventure and romance. Certainly, magic and mysticism. Perhaps the images of […]

Path in the forest

Black & White Photography: Images in black and white

01/11/2018 Rajiv Butalia 0

Harold Baquet said about Black & White photography :  “Sometimes, just light, line and form is enough. It allows you to explore the sculptural qualities of that third dimension, that […]

Awareness - Sunset in Himalayas

Himalayas – Kumaon – Photo Gallery

16/10/2018 Rajiv Butalia 0

The Kumaon Himalayas comprise the west-central section of the Himalayas in northern India . They extend some 320 kms from the Sutlej River to the Kali River. The range, consists partly of the Shivalik Range in the […]

Scuba: Colours of Marine Life

01/10/2018 Rajiv Butalia 0

After having dived in the coral reefs of Lakshadweep, explored a shipwreck off Goa and having snorkelled in the Andaman Islands, Siddhartha and I, who both enjoy diving, were wondering […]