Almora an old house
Agra Fort

Chaukori, Uttarakhand – Holiday Haven

09/11/2018 Ashit Narain 1

Travellers look for lesser known and unfrequented destinations that offer a complete break from the daily monotony and pressures of city life. My wife and I were looking for just […]

Time Travel: Baolis of Delhi

Sudarshana Srinivasan, a student of History joins a Breakaway walk with Himanshu Verma and fellow-walkers, and falls in love with the past and a heritage that lives on outside the […]

Himalaya from Binsar

Binsar Forest Retreat

17/10/2018 Romola Butalia 0

Binsar Forest, 30 kms from Almora in the Kumaon Himalayas of Uttarakhand has called me to return again and again for three decades now. My steps have retraced paths there […]


Ladakh: Compelling Allure and Fascination

12/10/2018 Siddhartha Sen 0

I went to Ladakh last October to recharge my batteries. To my utter surprise, the trip more than replenished my sense of waning cosmic consciousness. It was a soul stirring experience, […]

Radharani Mansarovar
river rafting

Rafting: River Runners Pilgrimage – Rafting in Ganga

29/09/2018 Vaibahv Kala 0

Rafting is about nervous anticipation…heart stopping build-ups…meeting the challenge…the thrill of the rapids…the solitude of the calms…sights seen…..experiences shared…..knowledge gained…campfire tales…new found friends. All of it sums up a trip […]