Romola Butalia, Editor, India Travelogue

Romola ButaliaRomola Butalia completed school from Loreto House, Kolkata. She graduated with honours in Economics from Miranda House, Delhi University. Thereafter, she did her Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics.

She spent several years in the print media. Her work horizons then expanded to the making of television programs and corporate films. She was one of the earliest entrants to explore the Internet professionally. India Travelogue is a website initially created by her in 1997, and she continues to be the Editor.

She has written two books: In the Presence of the Masters and Sri Babaji Immortal Yogi of the Himalaya. She has also written several essays, and has contributed an essay on The Siddha Traditions to the anthology, Mystics & Sceptics In Search of Himalayan Masters.

Her many passions in life have included travel, people and cultures and the sharing of knowledge and joy. She has always enjoyed writing and communication through different media. The Himalaya have long been her adopted home. She spent many years in sadhana or spiritual practice, bhraman or wandering, swadhyaya or introspective study and anushthan or prescribed ceremony. As a practitioner in the traditions of the Himalayan yogis, Romola Butalia is also known as Sriji.

Since 2012, she has mostly lived a reclusive life in the Kumaon Himalaya of Uttarakhand. For several years, concerned with climate change, and the degradation of the Himalaya, apart from writing about it, she co-founded Save Kumaon  to support preservation of the natural ecology and sacred spaces of the Kumaon Himalaya, further extending the reach to preservation of the Himalaya. 


  1. I would like to ask a question to Romola. Is it possible to contact her or leave a message? Thanks. Purnima

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