Gwalior fort

Time Travel: Baolis of Delhi

Sudarshana Srinivasan, a student of History joins a Breakaway walk with Himanshu Verma and fellow-walkers, and falls in love with the past and a heritage that lives on outside the […]

Koraigarh Fort

Koraigarh Fort in the Monsoons

29/10/2018 Xerxes Adrianwala 0

Brig (retd.) Xerxes P Adrianwalla spends a day in the monsoons driving from Lonavala past the many waterfalls that line the drive to walk up to Koraigarh fort. He recommends […]

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White-breasted Kingfisher: Broadcast News

27/10/2018 Bittu Sahgal 0

Bittu Sahgal, renowned environmentalist, pays homage to the white-breasted kingfisher. At eight the other morning, over the professional, jaunty sound of the news, I heard what must be one of […]

Scuba Diving

Spell of the Sea

26/10/2018 Manuel Fernandes 0

Manuel Fernandes has contemplated the sea from varied beaches along the vast Indian coastline. Ratnagiri, Goa, Kerala, and on the east, Puri, in Orissa. He has also made a few […]

Colours of the Kumbha

The Kumbh : Is it a Transformative Experience?

25/10/2018 Raman Nanda 0

Raman Nanda freelance print, radio, television and internet journalist writes a series on his impressions of the Kumbh. Millions of people are making their way to the banks of Ganga […]

Kumbha elephant

Kumbh images – Kaleidoscope of Colour

24/10/2018 Alok Johri 0

Kumbh Images: The Kumbh is the largest gathering of humanity on Earth. The Kumbh speaks of an ancient living tradition, of time-honoured rituals, of a cultural heritage that lives and […]

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort – Spooky Tales

23/10/2018 Anu Brahma 2

Anu Brahma of SBBJ attracted by stories of Bhangarh Fort, near Jaipur, being haunted, visits it to check out whether the spooky tales have any merit.   On the National […]

Yoga Vasistha

Bookshelf: The Yoga Vashishtha

20/10/2018 Romola Butalia 0

Romola Butalia reviews Swami Venkatesananda’s translation of The Yoga Vasistha, one of the greatest spiritual treatises from Vedanata philosophy. Contained in this are the spiritual teachings that Sri Rama received […]