Scuba Poetry: Secrets of Eternity


Scuba Poetry: Secrets of Eternity is a compilation of poetry and drawings of divers celebrating the ocean and the deep. Here we present a handful of poems from the book. The proceeds from the sale of the book go to Reef Watch, an NGO that strives to fund research towards the protection and preservation of our coral reefs.

Dappled light
Fluorescent hue
Gentle drift
Thoughts anew
Curious turtles
Swaying anemone
Cheeky clown fish
Peeping through.

~ Mitali Dutt Kakar

Each wave that kisses the shore
Whispers secrets of eternity.

~ Sonya Sippy

Every evening You go away, leaving behind
Your promise of tomorrow.
And in Your going away You are so beautiful
Should I smile at this beauty
Should I cry for You leave me
Or should I smile and cry
Because you leave and with so much beauty.

~ Parinita Nath

The amazing lightness of being
Of watching you
Not watching me

~ Prahlad Kakar

Scuba Poetry Secrets of Eternity

He told me this was what our
Life would be
Plenty, colourful, exotic and graceful
He promised that love would
always be so deep
and said…
we’d last as long as the beauty
within Lakshadweep

~ Shameen Adenwala

Had humans evolved gills…
life as we know it
Would have been
superbly fluid…
And blindingly

~ Keku Writer

The mammoth mass of water when
…gripped by storm
the primordial thunder of ocean churning
…lashed by gale
the awesome roar of ocean raging
…whipped by winds
the feral crescendo of seething turbulence
…touched by breeze
the dancing wave’s symphonic cadence
…caressed by moon
the soothing lullaby of soft undulation
…still and calm
the infinite silence of deep meditation

~ Gyanendra Srivastava

To dive
leaving behind the noise and bustle
To submit
to the dangers of depth
To test
your mind and your skill against the
merciless sea
To know
the silence and life
that waits
is to know peace

~ Coen Van Wyke

Born again, surrender to the whim of the brush
and it’s hidden sire,
They will weave passion around you, skirt
you, touch you only with their fire.
You hear it being told, the best is yet to come, magic to discover,
The artist’s forte lies not in oil, ink, charcoal,
but in water colour,
On display in another room, or realm, another medium.

~ Kersi Khambatta

I am the ocean, I said.
I am.
I know
And so I dived into the ocean
I crossed the threshold of fear
To the Unknown Beyond.
An eternity beyond time.
A space beyond dimensions.
Beauty and Perfection.
Another Universe…
Another Reality…

~ Romola Butalia

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