Prayagraj erstwhile Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

23/11/2018 admin 0

Prayagraj: An introduction Prayagraj, earlier called Allahabad, lies at the confluence of the Ganga (Ganges) and the Yamuna, two sacred rivers that have been cradles of the Indian civilisation. The […]

Colours of the Kumbha

The Kumbh : Is it a Transformative Experience?

25/10/2018 Raman Nanda 0

Raman Nanda freelance print, radio, television and internet journalist writes a series on his impressions of the Kumbh. Millions of people are making their way to the banks of Ganga […]

river rafting

Rafting: River Runners Pilgrimage – Rafting in Ganga

29/09/2018 Vaibahv Kala 0

Rafting is about nervous anticipation…heart stopping build-ups…meeting the challenge…the thrill of the rapids…the solitude of the calms…sights seen…..experiences shared…..knowledge gained…campfire tales…new found friends. All of it sums up a trip […]